Tuesday, May 18th, 2021

Ion Paintball Marker

There are many different paintball markers we have talked about here, and we are going to talk about another marker called the Ion paintball marker, these markers are not as highly recognizable as the companies like Tippmann, and Spyder, but they are makingĀ a name for themselves nevertheless.

Many people look for these type of markers when they look to play serious paintball games. Many serious paintball enthusiasts love these type of paintball markers not only because of the BPS (balls per second), but also because of how many shots you get with the marker on one load.Ion Paintball Marker

These type of paintball markers are great for the serious paintball enthusiasts because these markers get about ten to fifteen thousand shots per battery, and thats the amazing thing about this marker they are mostly run on a battery powered machine.

Many people have paintball markers that run entirely on either compressed air, or co2 (nitrogen), which can harm your marker by the way. Although the compressed air is entirely safe for your marker, because it does not shoot out the cold air, and ruin your seals, and o-rings. The compressed air is just regular air that you breathe right now, just compressed to be able to fire a paintball.

If your a paintball enthusiast and you play many different tournaments like the speedball tournaments, and you like to travel around and play these type of tournaments, then the ion paintball markers would be a great marker for you. These markers shoot the paintballs very fast, and also are very durable for the type of serious players need, many people love these markers because like I said they are very durable, and the serious players use these markers for also just regular games as well, many people play with these markers because they are just plain fun.